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12th-Oct-2008 07:09 pm - Clara's
Does anyone know anything about Clara's Alterations at 939 N 182nd St in Shoreline? (Right by Fred Meyer)

I live a block from there, so it would be super convenient to take my wedding dress there to be altered, but I'd prefer to hear a review from someone before I risk it.

The only online review I could find was positive, but it wasn't wedding dress related.

Or you can just tell me your positive or negative experiences with wedding dress tailoring in North Seattle/Ballard/Shoreline. I do not want to go downtown.

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6th-Aug-2008 01:22 pm(no subject)

I’m not sure if this is allowed. But my wedding day has passed. And I no longer need some things. Right now all I have listed is my dress, slip and bra. Soon I will be listing decorations. I haven’t sat down and categorized and inventoried what actually made it home from the reception yet. But if you want a bargain or have a friend who’s interested keep checking in the next few weeks.


I can also give a personal recommendation of who NOT to use as your photographer. If you see ads for Studio-Aum Photography or Athena Nation Photography, avoid her at all costs. Its been a big drama fest to get my pictures from her. I am more than willing to share the full story via PM if you want to hear it, but feel it is unecessary to flame her here.
17th-Jul-2008 10:44 am - Videographer?
Does anyone have any recommendations for a videographer?

12th-Jul-2008 10:17 am - June 2010 dates
I know I have a lot of time to decide, but my reception site would like to know sooner than later for a date (it's a popular place).  I have always wanted a June wedding, so we're planning on June 2010.  Ideally I would like June 12 because that was my grandmother's wedding anniversary and she was a large part of my life.  2010 would be the 10th anniversary of her death.  However, June 12 is the date for a lot of university graduations in the Seattle area.  In particular, University of Washington which will draw 40K+ to the area, and my church (for the ceremony) is in the same neighborhood as UW.  What are people's experiences with such conflicting dates?  Would you totally despise going to a wedding near UW on graduation day?  Most of our family live in Seattle and understand the traffic patterns, etc.  Out of town guests would either get a hotel in the UDistrict, or downtown.  But hotels might be booked for graduation.  I forgot to check out the traffic situation this past graduation weekend and I need to get a deposit in probably by this fall, so I won't have another chance to check. 

Another definite possibility is June 19th, but June 20th is Father's Day.  Both my FH and I are not close with our fathers so it's not a big deal for us.  Would people be frustrated having to go to a wedding the day before Father's day?  Our wedding time would probably be about 11-5pm so people could still meet dad for morning breakfast or even dinner the day before.   Other possibilities could be June 5, but I hate the number 5.  Or June 26th, but then that would make most of our honeymoon in Europe in July (and over the Fourth which is my favorite holiday) which we both don't want to travel to Europe in July (hot, crowded, etc) 

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If you're looking for a beautiful, only-worn-once dress, you've come to the right place! I wore it as a bridesmaid in my friend's wedding, and it's been hanging nicely in the closet ever since. I love it, but I'm pregnant at the moment and could really use some extra money! I'm 5'1" and it has been professionally altered to fit my height, but it was still touching the floor when I wore it. Here's the info:


You can also see it at http://davidsbridal.com/bridesmaids_bycolor_detail.jsp?stid=1552&sid=4649&cfid=44

Bought from: David's Bridal
Size: 4
Color: Apple
I Paid: $160
You Pay: Make an offer!

Any questions? Just ask!
22nd-Apr-2008 12:04 pm(no subject)

Ok girlies... I need recommendations on hair.

I am getting married June 14 (yay!!)... And have everything else under control... but I don’t know what to do about hair... if I was back home (
Ohio) I’d use the girl who did my hair for prom, homecoming, etc throughout high school. But alas I’ve only lived here a couple of years and just go to Regis to get my hair trimmed every few months... and never by the same person.

I am on a serious budget... if I ask my future mother in law real nice she'll front me some money... but I really don’t want to do that... 

the other flip side is to get the style I want I was told I’d need clip in extensions to add volume and length.... so someone who’s experienced in dealing with that would be awesome.

And also maybe someone who'd give me a deal for doing my moms hair too. But worst case scenario I can curl her hair for her.

Thanks in advance!!

30th-Mar-2008 06:49 pm - Vegan catering for our wedding
captin hook
I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for vegan catering.

I am getting married in June (this June) and need a caterer, preferably one that supplies plates and silverware.

Any suggestions would be great.

11th-Feb-2008 05:34 pm - it's that time of year again...
if you had a vendor that went the extra mile for you, show them some love in Seattle Brides "Best of..." poll (link is at the bottom of the page)
11th-Feb-2008 04:00 pm - pre-nup
Did any of you Seattle area folks sign a pre-nuptial agreement?  Do you know a reasonably priced lawyer that could review one for me?  Thanks!
Haven't gotten your dress yet?  Check out the Brides Against Breast Cancer event this weekend and next at the Seattle Doubletree Hotel.  Dresses are new and vintage, including designer labels, and with significant discounts. Sales will benefit the Making Memories foundation, for women with 4th stage breast cancer.
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