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bachelorette party locations!

Hey all, I've spent very little time being over 21 in Washington... can anyone recommend some fun places to have a bachelorette party in Seattle or the Eastside? I don't have a super specific idea of what I want to do, I'm thinking dancing/drinking and maybe karaoke, although more unique ideas would be welcome as well :) 


I'm planning this thing myself, mostly to save money, but also because I'm a DIY kinda gal. Out of all the things to plan for this wedding, I have to say I am most concerned about the food. I love food, and it's important to us that the food at our wedding be tasty (because we have both been to weddings where it was not-so-tasty... like Ragu pasta sauce, meat from a can, Safeway cupcakes untasty). Seeing as how I've never had to plan an event where I feed more than ten people, taking each of their dietary restrictions into consideration AND not breaking the bank, I obviously need some outside advice. I want something that everyone can enjoy... I don't want anyone to go hungry!

The groom and I are vegatarian, several of our friends are vegan, and my mother can't eat gluten. Naturally I need foods that are meatless, some that are animal-product-free, and then some sans gluten. Oy. Normally for a party I make some dip and punch and call it good. I'm a bit out of my league.

Basically, I'd like your help, past and present brides of Seattle! Who catered your wedding? Did you go with a typical catering company that did your table settings for you? Did you make them yourself? Did you barter with a friend that has table-setting-talent? Fancy seated dinner? Buffet-style? Appetizers? If you could do it all again, what would you do differently? How did you accommodate your friends' and family's dietary restrictions?

Any tips/advice you can give me will be much appreciated!
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Space Needle

Has anyone been married at the space needle/know someone who has? I've tried googling images but can't find any good examples. It would be nice to see photos from a wedding that took place there. :-)
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I am having problems finding a hair/make-up person. I am looking for someone to come to my hotel (Pan Pacific in Downtown Seattle) and do hair/make-up for me (bride), SIL, mother, sister and niece. I have contacted a couple places and they either are sketchy or aren't returning calls/emails timely.

I would like them to be fairly skilled because I am clueless and need more direction. I am willing to pay 110 for non-bride hair/makeup and 360 for bride hair/make-up including trial.

Do you have any suggestions?
oh my legs


Where are you folks getting your flowers from? I want modern fun flowers!

Edit> I dont think I will be spending more than 500 in flowers. We don't have a wedding party and only a couple tables at the reception.

So far, I have the save the dates, dress, ceremony location, reception location, and hotel room for before/after. Yay!

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i'm shooting weddings for three friends this upcoming year as a free gesture, and i'd love to get some more intense, day-of practice under my belt. so if there's anyone in the seattle area, and potentially vancouver, bc, that is interested in having me follow you around pro-bono, photojournalist-style for your big day in the next few months, please let me know . these are some photos i took purely as a guest at the end of december at my cousin's wedding.
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Does anyone know anything about Clara's Alterations at 939 N 182nd St in Shoreline? (Right by Fred Meyer)

I live a block from there, so it would be super convenient to take my wedding dress there to be altered, but I'd prefer to hear a review from someone before I risk it.

The only online review I could find was positive, but it wasn't wedding dress related.

Or you can just tell me your positive or negative experiences with wedding dress tailoring in North Seattle/Ballard/Shoreline. I do not want to go downtown.

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